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Single Weight Plate

Single Weight Plate

  • 3000

    The Cool-Lux Single Weight Plate is a 1.5 lb weight that can be added to the Cool-Lux Counterweight, Universal Cheeseplate or anywhere with an open ¼ 20 threaded hole.  The plate attaches with the two included ¼ 20 screws.  Spacing between the ¼ 20 mounts is 1”.  The weight is milled from solid carbon steel and has a durable nickel plated finish.


  • Features:
    • 1.5 lb stackable weight plate to add weight where you need it.
    • Can be attached to a Cool-Lux Cheeseplate to provide extra counterbalance or added to the counterweight assembly for more weight.
    • ¼ 20 counterbores and taps are spaced 1” apart and can be used to attach a weight anywhere an open ¼ 20 tap is available.
    • Lifetime warranty.

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