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SHIFT Baseplate

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     The Cool-Lux SHIFT Baseplate is an innovative new take on camera support.  The patented Quick-Shift action allows the shooter to quickly and easily transition between tripod and shoulder shooting modes while also providing extra chest support to help stabilize the camera.  With the press of a button, the spring-loaded Quick-Shift Plate instantly transforms from tripod mode to shoulder mode.  There is no extra time spent configuring the rig between tripod and shoulder setups and no extra parts needed to make the plate compatible with any tripod.  Simply mount any tripod wedge plate to the ¼ 20 and ⅜ 16 taps on the bottom of the SHIFT Baseplate and go from tripod to shoulder in seconds.

   The SHIFT Baseplate includes a soft and durable, form-fitting shoulder pad for superior comfort while on the user’s shoulder.  At the top of the plate, a sliding dovetail with over 4.5 inches of slide capacity can accept a wide range of cameras and allow for precise balance and positioning adjustments with the integrated locking lever. Height adjustable rod ports at the front and rear of the plate facilitate accurate positioning of the included 4” and 8” carbon fiber iris rod sets for lining up accessories such as a matte box, follow focus, hand grips and battery plates or counterweights.  The resting position of the flip out Quick-Shift Plate is also adjustable so that it can be positioned for different body types.

Shift Baseplate Technical Specifications

Cool-Lux Shift Baseplate vs VCT



  • NOTE: Certain DSLR cameras or other small cameras where the lens sits very close to the bottom surface of the camera will require the use of a spacer or quick release plate to get the support rods to the industry standard 85mm relation to the lens center.  If you are not planning on running a matte box or you have a matte box that is adjustable, this may not be an issue.  When using a small DSLR type of camera, we recommend the use of a quick release plate such as those made by: Arca Swiss, Really Right Stuff, Kessler, Peak Design, etc.



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