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    The Cool-Lux Counterweight is made up of three stackable 1.5 pound weights and a rod bridge for attaching to 15mm lightweight rods.  Total weight is 4.7 pounds.  The weights are milled from solid carbon steel and coated with a durable nickel plated finish.  The Rod Bridge is milled from aluminum.  It includes two ratcheting levers as well as two ¼ 20 and one ⅜ 16 tap available for mounting additional accessories.

  • Features:
    • Three 1.5 lb stackable weight plates allow for customization
    • One ⅜ 16 and two ¼ 20 taps available for attaching articulating arms or other accessories
    • Quickly slide forward and back on the rods to dial in counterbalance.
    • Lifetime warranty.

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