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The Cool-Lux Shift Baseplate and Its New Perfect Match: Newly Released Canon EOS C700 with Price and Specs.

Posted by Michelle Biesiadecki on

This morning, Canon announced their newest addition to the EOS professional line of Camcorders: the EOS C700. Suggested pricing starts around $35,000 (according to the Canon press release) but the C700 street price should be about $28,000.  The EOS C700 has been designed to be the flagship model of the line and has nearly all of the features that shooters have been looking for.

It is being released in two different sensor versions: The EOS C700 and the EOs C700 GS PL.  The EF will have a Dual Pixel CMOS sensor and The C700 GS PL will have a global shutter CMOS sensor.  Canon is saying that the regular sensor will have 15 stops of dynamic range.

If you use the optional Codex CDX-36150, the camera will allow RAW recording uncompressed 14K RAW up to 120 fps, 2K RAW up to 240 fps or ProRes 4K up to 60 fps. Recording onto an SD card is also possible but at a much lower 2K 60 fps for when you need something quick and basic.

Also not included is a base plate – this is another additional accessory and a costly one for a pretty basic unit. This does allow for the perfect opportunity to pair the EOS C700 with a Cool-Lux Shift baseplate so you can get the most out of the camera.  

The Cool-Lux Shift Baseplate allows the shooter to quickly transition from tripod to a well-balanced shoulder mode in seconds without missing any action. There are a wide variety of configurations to choose from so it is customized for your needs – one style does not need to fit all situations.  When you decide that you need to shoot with a different model camera, whether Canon or another brand, your Cool-Lux rig will switch with you.

We will be very excited to get our hands on one of these new Canon EOS C700 cameras. With the technology and features that Canon has put into it along with the natural pairing of it with the Cool-Lux Shift Baseplate, we expect that it will be a combo that is hard to beat.

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