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Going Through The Motions With The Shift Baseplate

Posted by Patrick Fee on


So, i felt like sharing this not-so-great but informative video showing the Shift Baseplate's motions.  Its just an animation I made in Solidworks but it shows the range of motion for the dovetail that the camera mounts to and the flip out action of the QuickShift tripod plate.  

The whole idea of the Shift Baseplate was to be able to have a rig where the shooter could go from tripod mode to shoulder mode with the simple press of a button; no extra time or pieces needed to reconfigure between the two modes.  We achieved this by integrating the tripod plate interface into the baseplate design.  At first I thought the tripod plate would flip out and go behind the user to get out of the way for the shoulder to get in there.  After testing, I realized that it was much more stable and comfortable if the QuickShift plate flipped out to the front and could be positioned so that it acts as extra support on the shooters chest.

The Shift Baseplate and all the related Cool-Rigs are like nothing else on the market today.  The level of comfort, balance and adjust-ability is unmatched.  Plus there is no need to buy a Sony VCT type of quick release plate to go on and off your tripod.  Just attach your tripod's wedge plate to the bottom of the Shift Baseplate and you're good to go.

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