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Classic Cool-Rig with Counterweight

Classic Cool-Rig with Counterweight

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    The Classic Cool-Rig with Counterweight is a solid, completely balanced shoulder and tripod mounting solution for small to mid-sized cameras.  When you run a particularly front heavy setup, there’s a certain point where you need some weight to balance everything out.  Sure you can mount everything further back on the SHIFT Baseplate making for a lighter rig, but push everything too far back and you can’t get to any of the controls on the camera or you can kiss using a follow focus goodbye because your face is in the way.  In such instances you’ll want to add some weight to the back of the rig to get the camera into a more manageable position.   

    The rig comes with the Cool-Lux SHIFT Baseplate, our deluxe, hand-finished Walnut Grip which provides timeless comfort in a compact footprint and a Counterweight system for dialing in the perfect amount of counterbalance.  With one hand on the Walnut Grip and the other on the camera lens, the user is always in the perfect position to follow the action, dial in focus or punch in for a close up.  The SHIFT Baseplate’s sliding dovetail allows for over 4.5 inches of travel for quick and easy balancing adjustments. A set of 8 inch, height adjustable, carbon fiber iris rods are included for mounting accessories such as a follow focus or matte box and 4 inch carbon fiber iris rods are also included for mounting the Counterweight onto the rear of the rig.

  • Features:
    • SHIFT Baseplate with Quick-Shift action and chest support.
    • Deluxe Walnut Grip with rosette attachment at iris rods.
    • Modular weight assembly for the perfect level of counterbalance for your specific setup.
    • Integrated shoulder pad.
    • Sliding dovetail with over 4.5 inches of balance adjustment range.
    • Adjustable rod ports for lining up and mounting accessories to the camera.
    • Precision milled aluminum and stainless steel construction.
    • Lightweight sets of 4” and 8” carbon fiber iris rods.
    • Everything you need to move quickly between shoulder mount and tripod.
    • Lifetime warranty.


-SHIFT Baseplate

-Walnut Grip


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