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Shift Baseplate

With the Cool-Lux Shift Baseplate we set out to make the most complete, versatile and feature packed shoulder rig baseplate on the market.

The dream was to simply push a magic button to configure between a perfectly balanced tripod setup and perfectly balanced shoulder mount without the need for any additional parts or tripod adapter plates.  

That's exactly what we did.

For years camera manufacturers have used a V-Wedge and stud mechanism or "VCT-14 style" of tripod bridge plate to literally bridge the gap where the operator's shoulder would be during handheld shots.  This method does work but it definitely has some inherent drawbacks.  

For one, the VCT system creates a dead space in front of the shoulder where the V-Wedge needs to go.  

This also happens to be the same space where very important things like follow focus, motors, lens supports, grip mounts and other mounting hardware need to be.  

Another concern is weight.  VCT adapter plates can weigh up to 2 pounds or more!  That's two pounds of dead weight we completely eliminated and replaced with a fully functioning chest support for added stability!




Whether you shoot with a small mirrorless camera or large cinema cameras like the Panasonic Varicam LT, Canon C700, RED Weapon or anywhere in between, the Shift Baseplate has you covered.  Its fully adjustable to work with any camera.  

Our sliding dovetail allows for precise balance adjustments and our adjustable rod ports have an impressive 50mm of vertical range to get to the industry standard 80mm from optical center to rod center for mounting a matte box.  

The Quickshift chest pad is adjustable for different body types.  Our baseplate not only adjusts for your camera, it adjusts for you too. 



 Shift Baseplate Technical Specifications

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