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Universal Cheeseplate w/ V-Mount Battery Plate

Universal Cheeseplate w/ V-Mount Battery Plate

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    The Cool-Lux Universal Cheeseplate with V-Mount Battery Plate is a versatile mounting system that is compatible with a multitude of accessories.  This cheeseplate comes with a D-Tap compatible V-Mount battery plate attached and features specific mounting holes for the AJA Ki Pro recorders and Teradek Bolt video transmitters.  There are plenty of ¼ 20 and ⅜ 16 taps for attaching articulating arms or other accessories and the plate features a center slot with included ¼ 20 screws for mounting anything with two ¼ 20 taps spaced up to 2 inches (50.8mm) apart.  The rod mount can be attached so the plate runs horizontal, vertical or in offset orientations.

  • Features:
    • V-Mount battery plate with D-Tap power port.
    • Mounts for:
      • AJA Ki Pro / Ki Pro Mini
      • Teredeck Bolt
    • Two  ¼ 20 screws for mounting accessories and recorders or attaching the plate to available ¼ 20 taps on a camera rig.
    • Plenty of ¼ 20 and ⅜ 16 taps
    • ¼ 20 taps at metric (9mm) and standard (0.5”) spacings
    • positionable rod mount allowing for vertical horizontal and offset attachment to the rig.
    • Lifetime warranty.


-Universal Cheeseplate

-V-Mount Battery Plate

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